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ТЕМА: Redskins offseason got off

Redskins offseason got off 8 місяців 3 тижнів тому #1574

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This to a bad start and has stayed somewhat sour...and it feels like it started with more than a month to go in the regular season. Once again Landon Collins Jersey , Redskins Nation finds itself battling the feeling that the owner just doesn’t get it while simultaneously facing gigantic question marks ahead of a season that is still eight months away. The real beauty is that some of the biggest question marks will not even be resolved before the season starts. Some may last into NEXT offseason. Sweet!Reports out of Redskins Park seem to indicate that the team would be pleasantly surprised if Alex Smith could play in 2019...which to me sounds like they would be shocked if Smith suited up next season. This hits the fanbase below the belt on a number of fronts. First and foremost, it means we have a guy getting $20 million—guaranteed—who likely won’t see the field next year. That is compounded by the fact that Smith has a cap hit of $21 million the following year! If the Redskins were to cut Smith before this season, it would mean a $40 million cap penalty in 2019, sooooooooooooo...yeah, the Redskins have crazy uncertainty at the most important position in sports and are paying top dollar for that uncertainty. Let’s set the 2019 table based on that information. Colt McCoy is the only quarterback under contract. I know everyone out there is joining me in the hope that Mark Sanchez has already seen his last day in burgundy and gold. While I respect Josh Johnson and the work he put in at the end of the season, I don’t think he is the guy we want to pair with Colt going into the season. I just don’t see the value or inspiration provided by having two 32-year old backups holding down the quarterback position. Based on his experience with Jay Gruden, McCoy is the one I would pick out of that pair. From here, the Redskins actually have some options. One of them is a LOT more preferable than the others, but here are two that came to mind right away:The Redskins draft a quarterback in the first round. Depending on how things progress from a slotted first round salary standpoint year-over-year, we are talking about a player that would come in on a four-year deal worth somewhere around $15 million, give or take. This player would come in and be allowed to compete immediately with Colt McCoy for the starter job, and Jay Gruden would go with his gut. I am not going to try and guess which guy we would draft at #15 at this point, as it kind of doesn’t matter for the purpose of this discussion. What we are looking for is a guy that has the chance to be able to play for us if and when Colt gets hurt. It would cost us the opportunity to draft an offensive skill player (tight end or wide receiver) or a much-needed defensive back. I think it is interesting that in this scenario, I don’t see the quarterback being asked to come in and be the savior right away. I think people would look at him as a cheap alternative in the short-term with possible value in the long-term if the team makes the right pick. The expectations would and should be much higher if we drafted a wide receiver or safety, as unfair as that sounds. The team would still be hoping that Alex Smith could come in and play ball in 2020—the Redskins likely can’t cut Smith until 2021 anyway. You know how I know that whatever rookie quarterback we draft will play great? Because it’s the easiest path to an offseason where we all beat each other up about who should start between Alex Smith and the rookie in his second year. Come on...that is just too easy of a prediction. It wasn’t that long ago that I was pushing for the team to draft a quarterback in the second or third round, but I have evolved to the point of thinking that if we are going to need anything out of a rookie signal-caller in 2019, I would at least like him to be a blue-chip, first round prospect. Option number two would have the Redskins begging a free agent quarterback to take a team-friendly deal...possibly in the one-year variety. Even Sam Bradford got $20 million last offseason (thanks Arizona). In this scenario, maybe the Redskins see the $40 million cap penalty of cutting Alex Smith as the guiding figure—either eat the Smith deal and take the pain, or keep the Smith deal and be willing to take that same kind of pain for one year by signing a guy to $15-$20 million on a one-year deal. Again, we can spin our wheels wondering who that quarterback would be, but the point is that Colt McCoy would be competing with a retread starter for the job in 2019. The team would still be banking on Smith returning in 2020, but would not have any youth at the quarterback position to speak of heading into the 2020 season. I would hope that this path would see the Redskins take a quarterback in next year’s draft to develop while Alex Smith held down the fort for one more year. In both scenarios, we are counting on Colt McCoy to play well. In both scenarios, we are counting on Alex Smith to be able to see the field again Josh Norman Jersey , though if the team drafts the right quarterback in this upcoming draft, that would lessen our dependence on #11 getting right again. If hope has anything to do with the decision, the first-round quarterback allows Redskins fans to hope and dream way more than signing a retread at top dollar. While first-round quarterbacks are almost always loaded up with pressure, I think this would be an exception to that given the team has both an established pro to turn to in Colt McCoy and the plan to have Alex Smith back in the fold for the 2020 campaign. To me, this would be a value play at the quarterback position because anyone who has already taken snaps in the league that we would have any interest in is going to cost too much (in my humble opinion).The Redskins have a chance to add a free agent or two at key spots elsewhere on the field that could help whatever quarterback is under center guide the team to wins. If they try and add a free agent quarterback, I fear that will leave them unable to really target anyone else that could meaningfully contribute. That leaves me in the position that drafting the first-round quarterback is the best move for the Redskins from both a short-term and long-term perspective. Honestly, it is an easy conclusion to arrive at, but we shouldn’t discount how much the team would love to have Alex Smith back in 2020. (We’re talking about Bruce Allen here folks...if he has a chance to make himself and his trade look good, you can bank on him taking that chance—meaning if Alex is healthy and ready to play, he will be our starter because Bruce is always right.) If you are like me and have been fighting the urge to go quarterback in the first round, let me know if you are now leaning my new way. If there are those of you out there wanting to get a free agent retread, hit me with a name and pricetag in the comments section below. ASHBURN, Va. (AP)If other teams worried about LSU running back Derrius Guice’s character, prompting his fall from first-round prospect to late-second-round pick, Washington Redskins senior VP of player personnel Doug Williams figures he had ”inside information.”The Redskins, Williams said at a post-draft news conference Monday, did not share the concerns that apparently were behind Guice’s slide until Washington took him with the 59th overall choice after trading down from No. 44 and adding a third-round selection in the process.Williams called him ”a value pick.””We do have some inside information and some influence that helped us along the way. Plus, we had met with the kid. We went to dinner with the kid. We brought the kid up here. Where Guice is from, I’m from the same area, basically. I knew Guice. I knew who he is. I know where he comes from,” Williams said. ”And when you talk about a kid that has produced on the field the way he has, other than what was out there, and you look at this kid, man, he’s just a happy-go kid who likes to play football. And I think we were fortunate enough to get a guy like that.”Guice Jordan Reed Jersey , the SEC record-holder for most 250-yard rushing games, was connected in reports to a flap during his visit with the Eagles, something Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman denied.”No one wants to hear their name be slandered like that,” Guice said Saturday during a Redskins draft event at the team’s stadium. The Redskins, he added, ”believed in me; they trusted me.”Williams said any reports about off-field issues were not a part of Washington’s draft discussion.”What other teams thought don’t necessarily mean what we thought. … When he’s there at your pick, you have to take advantage of it and pick that guy. And we did that. We didn’t let what other people said influence us. What influenced us is the information that we had gotten from him and the people around him. We had a lot of sources that we talked to,” the MVP of the 1988 Super Bowl said. ”You and I both know the way social media and the media and a lot of other things happen out there when it comes to players. Most of them take one thing and they run with it. Unfortunately, they don’t know the kid.”Other topics addressed by Williams:– The Redskins didn’t draft a tight end and they feel ”pretty good” at that position, Williams said, ”because Jordan Reed is progressing with his injury.” Reed needed surgery on his big left toe.– Washington needs a starting left guard but didn’t pick someone, he said, because ”there were some guys on the board, but at our pick, those guys weren’t on the board.” Williams also noted that Ty Nsekhe ”has played a little guard.”– WR Jamison Crowder ”is still the punt returner,” Williams said, but ”you certainly want to take a load off Jamison, if you can.”– The Redskins ”had about two or three calls” from teams interested in trading for the 13th overall pick that Washington used to take Alabama defensive lineman Da’Ron Payne.Notes: After drafting two defensive linemen, the Redskins released three players at that position Monday: Terrell McClain, A.J. Francis and Montori Hughes. McClain joined Washington as a free agent last offseason, but he started only two games and missed time with a toe injury. The Redskins also waived TE Chris Bazile, LB Cassanova McKinzy and DB James Sample.—
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